"Cacti have a special fascination all their own"
- Edward F. Anderson
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Welcome to Cactus Collection.net!


This site was born of my desire to document and record the progress of my cacti. Thus, you may find some of it to be in more detail than you care to take in and many photos that are similar.

I am interested in the components that make up each species and have photographically noted a number of these characteristics on each species page and will be continually adding photos both as I have time and as I aquire new plants.

In addition, I have added my thoughts and methods on general topics such as watering, light, etc., but please do keep in mind that I consider myself a beginner in the cactus hobby and anything written here should not be taken without question as it is based largely on my experiences and reading.

Note from Tony Mace: When Cactus Collection.net ceased operation in 2005, I and many users were very sorry. It seemed a pity that all the hard work put in by its owner was wasted. I therefore put the site into suspension rather than deleting it. I am pleased that I am now able restore the site with Jessica's permission, financed by Google advertising.

I am in the process of enhancing the site by making it possible to view additional on-line images from the Google image index system. Moving the cursor over 'Show' will cause these to display in a second window. This window can be closed by moving the cursor over 'Close' or in the normal way. When this has been extended to cover all the illustrated species on Jessica's site the system will be a major index to internet pictures of cacti.

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