"Cacti have a special fascination all their own"
- Edward F. Anderson
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The methods used to water cacti are not only as varied as the people who keep them, but are constantly adjusting to a changing environment.

When and how much to water are always one of the most pressing questions asked by new collectors, and as you may have already heard, there is no definitive answer.

The reason is that watering depends on the whole of a number of factors, including the amount of light, soil makeup, pot type, ambient temperature, type of plant, season, and humidity.

Amount of Light

The quality and quantity of light that are available to your cacti will affect the rate at which they grow and thus, their intake of
water. If your plants are in low light or not getting a full spectrum, they will show lanky and light colored growth, called etoliation, and most of this growth will be in the search for light, not as a result of proper conditions and watering. Watering your plant now may cause decay of the roots as they are likely not actively growing.

Soil Makeup

As a fact, your soil needs to be well drained. However, it can fit this requirement, yet still hold more or less water depending on ambient temperature and humidity, the size of the pot, how active the growth is for the plant in question, and whether or not there are any wetting agents (common in potting mixes) or moisture holding additives such as vermiculite.

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